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Generation Y and Tech Gadgets

I have a problem with the fact that tech gadgets are considered cool now a days. It seems unfair because when I was growing up, a geek was probably the most un-cool thing you could be. However now tech gadgets are so cool, some are even considered fashion accessories. Why did we have to wait for Gen-Y to finally get around to this point? It?s kind of funny because it seems the world is waking up to the fact that gadgets can actually be quite useful. Why couldn't James Bond have done that for my generation?

When polled about what fashions are hot, the Y Generation will include cell phones and iPods. I think that at the moment a cell phone edges out an iPod as the most sought after fashion accessory, but what happened here? When I was young, carrying around anything electronic was akin to social suicide. The fact that I knew how to program in high school was a closely guarded secret. Now Gen-Y doesn't exactly know how to program, but they do have blogs and Flickr accounts.

For a fleeting moment I wish I could have grown up in a world where tech gadgets were considered cool because I would have been the coolest kid around. But then, Gen-Y kids don?t actually know how tech gadgets work. This is a critical difference, I think. Not that everyone needs to know the ins and outs of every gadget they have but something more than just a short temper for when things don't work would be a good policy. Perhapse I'm happy where I am instead. After all, there is a good deal of job security on this side of the fence.

One thing I never could understand is how people had trouble programming VCRs back in the day. What were these people missing? Given the technology of the day, could it have been made any more simple? We had to come up with serial numbers that were printed in the old TV Guide magazines so people didn't have to enter a start and end time. I have to say that this is probably one of the most refreshing things about Gen Y. They aren't afraid to push buttons and I'll take that all day long over the alternative. Then, of course, TiVO came in and rocked the proverbial casbah.

Aah well, what am I really saying? I guess I'm quite content where I am and happy that things are moving forward. I wouldn't want it any other way!

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Chi from Durham, NC, USA

Well Anders, I suppose you can look at the current movie trends to see that the geeks are making a come back.

Take for instance the recent spur of movies of comic book origins (ie Batman Begins, Fanastic Four, etc) has shown that all those comics kids read a long time ago are finally making it to the big screen.

Just like the Time article on the same subject, it's the revelation that the number one demographic out in the world today are the geeks of yesterday whom are now the CIO, CEO, COO, and VPs of major companies. These are the folks with the drive to want these new fancy tech gadgets and their the same ones with the money on hand to purchase them even if the cost is somewhat inflated.

The Time article speculated it's the same kind of marketing force that shaped products for the baby boomer crowd when they were in their youth and even now as they approach retirement age.

It's a good time to be a doctor...

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