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RunDumper - Download Public RunKeeper Data

I just released, a weekend hack I did that lets you download your public RunKeeper activities and maps in a variety of popular formats. I love RunKeeper but wasn't very comfortable not having my own copy of my workout data, so I decided to build a rails application that did something about it. Now I can download all of my activities in Excel, CSV or JSON formats and my maps in Google Earth KML format.

If you want to give it a try but don't use RunKeepr, try plugging in my username: Anders94

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Miguel from Portugal

Hello Anders:

The hack looks promising yet I am wandering if, adding to the distance, it is/will be possible to include on the .xls all activity's parameters such as, duration, avg. pace, avg. speed, calories & climb.

By the way, the .csv option is not working as I write.

Keep up the good work and keep us posted

Anders from Cambridge, MA

Just after I launched, RunKeeper released an API where much of that data is available. I am working on migrating to their API so these things will be available. It'll take me some time though as I'm not working on this full time.

Thanks for the bug report - CSV export is fixed now.

Ole from Norway

I love the idea. I'm trying to get back in shape and to push me I will let my mother watch my efforts from now on.
The beauty of it is that she doesn't have to log in (she has no smartphone or useaccount on Runkeeper).

I guess I will be even more motivated now that I know that someone is watching :)

Looking forward to see what you eventually will get with the Runkeeper api.

Page bookmaked!

gino from us

Thanks for doing this.
I downloaded the csv but was unable to read it (it looks like a bunch of chinese characters).
The xls file was readable.
Looking forward for more features.
Is there a way to get the GPS data?
Again thanks for the much needed hack

Anders from Cambridge, MA

Gino: Thanks for the comment - I'll look into the CSV issue. You can get the GPS data by downloading the KML files for each workout. Click on a run that has a public map though - else you won't get points. See any of my runs (anders94) as an example.

Sergey from Czech Republic

not working

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