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USRP Instant SDR: "Getting Started" Kit for Software-defined Radio

Ettus Research just released an interesting new "get started with software-defined radio (SDR) kit" called the USRP Instant SDR. It consists of a USRP, an RF board and a USB stick that boots up linux with everything you need to begin experimenting with software-defined radio. This looks like a great way to get started without the cost and complexity of some of the more sophisticated setups.

Ettus features a video of mine on their page where I demonstrate a GSM cellular network using OpenBTS. They also use a clip from it in their video:

I have two videos featuring Ettus products, this one on OpenBTS:

and this video about tunneling IP networks over the air between two Ettus radios:

You can do the same with the Ettus USRP Instant SDR - give it a try!

Comments (2)

zhenhui from Dublin/Dublin/Ireland

Dear Sir,
I'm also building the GSM+USRP N210+openBTS testbed. I have one problem and might need your help: Do I need to reconfigure the USRP clock from 64MHz to 52MHz? I have setup test-bed, however, the mobile phone cannot see the openBTS network.
Many thanks!!

Anders from Cambridge, MA

@zhenhui - Changing from 64Mhz to 52Mhz won't really change the operation of the system. You probably need a better clock - look at the ClockTamer from Fairwaves.

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