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600+M Rows in PostgreSQL

I've been working on a PostgreSQL project which has a table with 644,742,830 (or 644.7M) rows in it. There is an index on an array column, in this case a column of type character varying(35)[] with a UNIQUE constraint. Each row has exactly two strings in it which happen to be bitcoin addresses. When I SELECT some address from that column:

SELECT * FROM keys WHERE addresses @> '1Axrv5WPGA65wpxCpV87sYdwxhkmy8mvF2';

the database is actually SELECTing from amongst 1,289,485,660 (or 1.2 Billion) keys. Because the database is on an SSD and there is enough RAM in the system to fit the index, I can regularly return results within the 1ms to 2ms range!

On disk, the entire database (including a few other columns and several other tables) is in the 421Gig range. I had been worrying about having to use some other strategy (LevelDB possibly) but have been amazed by the results. I'll keep adding rows until I ether run out of disk space or run into a performance problem. Gotta love good indexes!

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