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Create a Fusion Drive in Mac OS X

Warning: You must watch what you are doing here / backup appropriately - Terminal will happily delete everything on you. You have been warned.

Mac Fusion drives are logical volumes created by combining "spinning platter" and SSD drives in software. Here's how you make them using diskutil in Terminal:

See all your volumes:

diskutil -list

Make note of the volumes you intend to use. In my case that was /dev/disk0 and /dev/disk1 because I was recreating my primary drive into a fusion drive. (unless you are doing exactly the same thing, use different values as /dev/disk0 is usually your boot drive. You have been warned!)

Create a logical volume group:

diskutil cs create lvg0 /dev/drive0 /dev/drive1

Copy the resulting UUID - you'll need it in the next step.

Create the logical volume:

diskutil cs createVolume de305d54-75b4-431b-adb2-eb6b9e546014 "Case-sensitive Journaled HFS+" "Fusion Drive" 100%

That's it! Now you should have a case sensitive journaled HFS+ formatted partition covering your entire fusion drive.

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