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Blockchain Demo

I created a visual demo of blockchain technology which attempts to explain the technology by building up from simple concepts using a web demo. There is a video walkthrough and a demo website which can be used to reinforce the concepts. I also open sourced the code.

In 2015 I co-taught the first blockchain class at MIT. As part of that process, I took a look around at the educational resources available online at the time. I found they were either way too technical or far too basic and frankly incorrect. I began to try to think of another way to teach blockchain technology, especially to a less technical audience. Then I was asked to give a talk on blockchain technology at the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston so I started work on what ultimately became this blockchain demo. After that presentation (part of HUB Week) I refined it over about a year and a half in a number of presentations at MIT, Yale and several conferences. That helped me pick a level of depth that seemed to work well. The actual recording of the first video only took about 20 minutes but benefits from having been refined over about 20 presentations to a wide variety of audiences.

I've been working on several follow-ons to this but time is scarce. Particularly, I have a project going that explores smart contracts and another that delves a bit more deeply into how public and private key technology works. Stay tuned for more on these projects.

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