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publicfile is DJB's read-only FTP / HTTP server

When entering PASV mode, the FTP server in publicfile responds by saying: 227 =1,2,3,4,187,162 where is the server's ip and 256*187 + 162 is the port.

However, it isn't clear what a 227 answer should look like given the RFC and as it happens, DJB's 227 =1,2,3,4,187,162 line trips up Linux ftp connection tracking code. The fix is to make the line read: 227 Entering Passive Mode(1,2,3,4,187,162) instead. Here's a patch.

I found this because I eroneously had ftp connection tracking on the server running ftpd. Everything worked great until the server needed to respond to a PASV request from the client. I straced the calls, and sure enough, ftpd was sending the response but nothing was showing up in a tcpdump on any interface! Turns out, the connection tracking code was eating it because it didn't understand it! The messages in dmesg were the clue that helped figure that one out.

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~ James R. Lowell - 1845

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