projects: dailyBulletin
a very simple web content system that lets users submit stories
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the daily bulletin is a simple web content system that takes submissions from registered users. think of it as an easily updated website that people can use inside and outside an organization to keep up to date on things. the stony brook school uses the daily bulletin as the homepage for all computers on the campus so faculty and students can easily know what is going on. their system looks somthing like this:

why did i make this and who is it for? i created the daily bulletin with my dad for [ the stony brook school ] because it seemed like a good idea. faculty, staff and students post to the daily bulletin throught the day and one of several special publisher accounts posts the stories live to any of 3 live editions. currently the school publishes a staff, student and parent edition of the daily bulletin. depending on where a user is coming from will dictate the edition of the daily bulletin that person sees by default. users may also login to the daily bulletin to possibly see another edition or to submit a story.

the daily bulletin is one of several projects that i have built for the stony brook school. other projects of intrest to schools: the [ mockMarket ] ( a web-based brokerage simulator that allows users to buy and sell stocks with fictitious money and track their portfolio at real market prices. ) and the [ merits ] system. ( a web-based "credit" tracking system that allows students to see what merits have been awarded them and purchase passes out of required school events at the price of their merits. )

the daily bulletin project is open-source software. you are invited to use it and change it to suit your needs as long as you give back to the project by making your changes available under the same guidelines.