projects: mockMarket
a web brokerage house simulator
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Save Anders' Savings!
mock market is a stock brokerage simulator. in other words, it is a program that lets a bunch of users create and track fictitious portfolios over the web based on stock symbols and prices from the real stock market. it looks somthing like this:

why did i make this and who is it for? i created mock market for [ the stony brook school ] because it seemed like a good idea. students at the school get a free mock market account and they make fictitious trades all year long. the students are assigned to various groups and compete against eachother for spots on several top 10 lists. (school-wide and group-wide) the school then may choose to award prises to the students with the top portfolios in each group.

i am aware of the following sites running my mockMarket code. if you are running a mockMarket site, please let me know by emailing me at the address at the bottom of this page.

mock market is one of several projects that i have built for the stony brook school. other projects of intrest to schools: the [ daily bulletin ] ( a daily web-based newspaper that allows anyone who has an account to submit stories to a number of editions ) and the [ merits ] system. ( a web-based "credit" tracking system that allows students to see what merits have been awarded them and purchase passes out of required school events at the price of their merits. )

the mockMarket project is open-source software. you are invited to use it and change it to suit your needs as long as you give back to the project by making your changes available under the same guidelines.