projects: panacea
database driven visitor analisys package for websites
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Save Anders' Savings!
panacea is the overly pretentious name for an open-source system which imports web access logs into a database allowing the business user to mine the data in very flexable ways.

currently panacea consists of a fairly flexible postgreSQL schema, a perl script to import apache access logs into the database and some cold fusion modules to do simple data mining. it currently supports everything in apache's combined log format* as well as "session variables" which can include cookies and application specific data. the design and implementation are being done with an eye towards flexibility and very large data sets.

in the end, panacea intends to be a full fledged and very flexable web log data mining package. however, the package is still in it's infancy. currently the schema is fairly robust, the import tool is useable but not very robust and the data mining tools are very basic.

comments are very welcome. please email the address at the bottom of the page or use the contact section of this website. i'd like to have an idea of how this package is being used and am interested in the particular needs of the userbase.

use this package as you like, but all changes must be open-sourced and available under the same restriction. this package may not be sold in any form.

* with the exception of the "auth" parameter which the designers have deemed unnecessary