With a broad technical background and a creative entrepreneurial mindset, Anders quickly takes technologies from idea to reality.


Cary, NC

2005 - Present: Vice President of Research and Development

  • Integral in designing, building and launching republic wireless, a $19/mo Android based cellular service.
  • Created Holdr, an iPhone application that waits on hold so users don't have to.
  • Created the Conference Starter iPhone application for starting Ad-Hoc conferences.
  • Created, deployed and mantained a FreeSWITCH based backend system to support the Conference Starter and Holdr Applications.
  • Designed a Hadoop-based distributed high volume log analysis system to process company-wide call detail records.
  • Created and deployed Phonebooth, an SMB focused cloud based PBX.
  • Designed and deployed a large scale SIP origination / termination platform based on open technologies.
  • Engineered the server farm architecture supporting the SIP O/T platform and deployed it in multiple server farms throughout the United States.

Cary, NC

2002 - 2005: Chief Technology Officer

  • As employee number 14 at a $600,000 annual revenue company, instituted the technical direction necessary to grow the company to 60+ employees and over $11M annual revenue.
  • Designed and built from scratch the core computing platform driving the business including:
    • Hardened name servers, mail servers, routers, firewalls, a dynamic web serving environment and a distributed pricing environment.
    • Instituted "sandbox" style development environments and code repository for developers.
    • Code design and implementation of Java / JSP sites running's website and internal / customer / carrier / partner extranets and branded partner sites for clients.
    • Conceived of and created key products used to differentiate including one of the Internet's most popular Speed Tests.
    • Integrated a custom distributed pricing system with Dell's internal sales systems and external customer facing systems which demanded stringent uptime guarantees and high loads.
  • Served as point person for strategic relationships between and partners such as Dell and CNet
  • Reported directly to the President of the company.

Imagine Media
Brisbane, CA

1999 - 2001: Webmaster / Architect / Developer / Manager / Systems Administrator

  • Right-hand man in starting an Internet department for Imagine Media, eventually bringing them global and public.
  • Built a staging and publishing system used by all Imagine properties.
  • Built a Linux based server farm delivering well over 300 million hits per month of both static and dynamic content.
  • Integral in leading the design and coding of the Future Content Management System, an in-house content system based on Oracle, Java / JSP and Linux.
  • Worked overseas while deploying the content system in the European offices.
  • Managed a core team of webmasters and systems administrators

New York

1995 - 1999: Webmaster / Developer / System Administrator

  • On site installation, administration and maintenance of Silicon Graphics infrastructure for Dow Jones.
  • Other clients included the US Air Force, the Pentagon and several mutual funds.

Dow Jones
New York

1997: Systems Administrator / Animator / Programmer

  • Programmed Java, Perl and SQL for custom real-time market data acquisition system.
  • Built and ran a real-time 3D rendering system for Dow Jones television displaying up to the second market averages for daily live TV broadcasts. 3D models were injected with real-time elements from live market feeds and rendered on SGI hardware for live television.


  • Ruby on Rails
  • iPhone / Android App Development
  • Android Stack
  • NoSQL (Hadoop, CouchDB, MongoDB)
  • GSM Radio (OpenBTS, OpenBSC)
  • VoIP (SIP, FreeSWITCH, Asterisk, OpenSIPs)
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL
  • MacOS X, Linux, Apache, djbdns
  • IPSec, NAT, ipvs, xen