projects: webgallery
a perl script to build web galleries of pictures from a digital camera
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webgallery is a perl script which creates a web friendly version of pictures from a digital camera. (or other jpg source) it converts directories of pictures to thumbnails and "small jpeg" size and creates an index.html page pointing to them. it does not download images from a digital camera.

example output: views of haiti

download the latest webgallery source code and follow the overly verbose install instructions.

webgallery requires perl and PerlMagick. (PerlMagick is part of the ImageMagick program)

install ImageMagick and PerlMagick and execute webgallery giving the path to an album as an argument.

example:webgallery 2001/03-03-tahoe

webgallery will convert all the images, create or replace (after asking) the index.html file and then recurse up the directory tree createing or replaceing (after asking) each index.html file until it reaches the directory where webgallery was executed.

this perl script was written by anders brownworth. if you use it, please link to webgallery with the code below and drop an email to the address at the bottom of the screen stating your opinions about it. thanks!

<a href="">webgallery</a>