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Anders in Silesia

The surname Anders was to be found in Silesia [6] in the early 1700's or before. There were a number of Anders recorded in the waves of immigrants to the United States from Prussia, including Silesia. These names are recorded in the Ships' Manifests. Some of the earliest of these belonged to a group of self-styled exiles, called the Schwenkfelder Families, who, seeking religious freedom, fled from Silesia to Saxony and thence to Pennsylvania, USA in the years 1731 to 1737.[7] Amongst these was Anna Reinwald Anders [8].

[6] The Silesia of the 18th and 19th centuries was part of Prussia, and is now in southwestern Poland, having been ceded by Germany after World War II. The area borders present day Germany and Czeckoslavakia. Silesia was a relatively prosperous area, having extensive farming and mining operations.

[7] The founder of the Schwenkfelder Church was Caspar Schwenckfeld, born in Ossing, Silesia.

[8] Anna Reinwald Anders, b. 1668, d. Sept 28, 1734, a few days after her arrival in Pennsylvania. She was the widow of Georg Anders of Nieder Harpersdorf, b. 1666, d. Aug 21, 1715. Anna emigrated with her adult children.

Info from Trevor Anders of Wellington New Zealand