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a student credit system for schools
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Save Anders' Savings!
the following are general requirements for running a merits system. some requirements quite possibly may be substituted with other peices of software but i haven't tested with anything but what is listed here.
  • Linux system with dev tools. distribution is unimportant
  • MySQL database
  • IBM JDK (Java developement tools)
  • Apache web server (with source)
  • Resin servlet runner (caucho module for Apache)
  • mm-mysql driver for resin / mysql
you will need a well-rounded linux environment running with MySQL, Apache, the IBM JDK, and Resin's caucho module compiled into apache. you will need to create a database called "merits" and a user called "merits" with a password and assign rights to that user for the "merits" database.

the distribution comes with a schema.sql file that will build the initial tables and default data. after setting the database up and copying the contents of WEB-INF/ to your system's WEB-INF/ directory, and adding the apropriate lines to your resin.conf (example is provided with the source) you should be able to start using the merits system.