projects: mockMarket: requirements
a web brokerage house simulator
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Save Anders' Savings!
the following are general requirements for running a mockMarket system. some requirements quite possibly may be substituted with other peices of software but i haven't tested with anything but what is listed here.
  • Linux system with dev tools. distribution is unimportant
  • perl 5 or later
  • Finance::Quote perl module (make sure you have the latest version)
  • Finance::QuoteHist perl module (make sure you have the latest version)
  • a live Internet connection
  • MySQL database
  • IBM JDK (Java developement tools)
  • Apache web server (with source)
  • Resin servlet runner (caucho module for Apache)
  • mm-mysql driver for resin / mysql
you will need a well-rounded linux environment running with MySQL, Apache, the IBM JDK, and Resin's caucho module compiled into apache. you will need to create a database called "mockMarket" and a user called "mockMarket" with a password and assign rights to that user for the "mockMarket" database.

the distribution comes with a schema.sql file that will build the initial tables and default data. after setting the database up and copying the contents of WEB-INF/ to your system's WEB-INF/ directory, and adding the apropriate lines to your resin.conf (example is provided with the source) you should be able to start using the mockMarket system.

to start automated trading, you should set up a crontab that launches the perl scripts at their apropriate intervals. these scripts use the Finance::Quote perl module to grab financial information from a variety of Internet resources and update the database accordingly. each night, a net worth calculation is done for all portfolios.

currently group and user information must be hand entered.

every so often, yahoo and other sources change the way they deliver delayed and historical quotes, therefore breaking the underlying perl modules that rely on them. stay current with the Finance::Quote and Finance::QuoteHist modules to mantain a running system.